Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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Happy hump day.

-Jack Welch is pissed and dude, he's not letting up on the bullshit jobs report released by the scamming Obama regime. Interestingly, Austan Goolsbee slammed Bush for cooking the books back when we were creating 350,000 jobs per month versus the 114,000 that's been the norm under BHO. BTW, if you are wondering WTF an Austan Goolsbee is, he was an Obama advisor and he accusing Bush when the interest rate was 4.4% Those were the salad days, y'all.

-Awesome. You have to love when a liberal pollster says screw it and saves his money by not polling in NC, FL and VA because Romney is running away with it. Not to sound cocky but the polls released over the summer were straight up garbage and fudged to A) help Obama and B) create some kind of news leading to momentum and inevitability for The One.

-Sorry Oslo, but the Nobel Peace Prize ceased to mean anything when they gave it to Obama before he ever did anything and subsequently pummeled Libya by air. That and the fact they gave it to Al Gore who created a scare to create an industry to make money. He subsequently went all Clinton on a massage therapist and got booted by Tipper.

-It's funny how AP always falls short of their own standards to the detriment of Republicans.

-Drugging Children for Peace. Sounds like a Grateful Dead cover band to me.

-You know why Obama lost? Not because he was ill-prepared or just plain horrible without other peoples word fed to him through a teleprompter, no he lost the debate because he was just too nice. If the smirking dude I saw was being nice, I hate to have a beer with him.

-Actress Stacey Dash tweeted that she was backing Romney in this election. She soon found out that a black person--especially a woman--better never stray too from liberal orthodoxy. She's a battler though and isn't backing down. Good for her.

So, in honor of Ms. Dash sticking to her guns like a good conservative, she is the honorary conservative hottie that brings you this post, and dude, she is friggin hot:

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