Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Happy Sunday. Going to see the Eagles-Lions. Vick better hold the damn ball.

-Shocker! The Inquirer is endorsing Barack Obama. Of course, this is the non-biased rag that gave John Kerry a 21-day endorsement once so no surpass there. They think this is what the city wants but a poll on the website has Romney beating Obama. And just so we're clear, here's a great example of the type of a-hole that votes in this region talking about a 16-year old who was berated by her teacher for wearing a Romney shirt:

Free speech no shield from criticism When a 16-year-old enters into the realm of politics, then she has entered into the adult world of lies, where there are no values and free speech goes to those with the most money. If you want to argue free speech, remember everyone has that right, including the teacher and other students. Free speech doesn't give one a free pass from being criticized. Republicans are the biggest bullies of free speech. How many books have they banned from schools and libraries across the country? Almost every year we get an anti-free speech bill in Congress to ban the burning of the American flag. Dress codes also ban free speech. So when we talk about free speech for school-age children, let's not be hypocritical and only complain about one case. I'm positive that had students worn Democratic T-shirts with Obama on them, we would have heard from Republicans that it was improper. Ron Smiley, West Chester
I'm going to exercise my right to free speech by saying that Ron Smiley is a fucking douche bag tool.

-Liberals only like whistleblowers who speak out against Republicans. This is shameful and I'm guessing we will find out much more under President Romney.

-Ann Coulter versus Bill Maher. I'll take Coulter intellectually and physically any day.

 -Chicago under Rahm Emanuel seems to be heading in the same direction as America under his former boss.

 -Joe Biden's idiotic histrionics all in one quick video.

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