Saturday, October 20, 2012

The State of the Election

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Amazing. For those of us junkies who follow politics as closely as the NFL, it's stunning that the last two years of covering daily events has led us to the last two and a half weeks.

Obama instituted what we can all hope will not become the normal: the eternal campaign. From January 20, 2009 we've borne witness to an administration that was more focused on reelection than anything else. It's left us in a hole that will make the alleged one left that obama always bitches about  by George W. Bush seem positively shallow.

So where are we now? What is the state of the election this close to voting day?

In my opinion, it's positive on many fronts. The RCP electoral map finally shows what I believe to have been the true nature of this race for months but biased polling kept hidden--Mitt Romney is in front. And note, that's not including Florida and Virginia in Romney's column. Polling in both those states show Romney ahead.

That's a pretty clear path to the nomination and one in which Obama never saw coming. Granted, Virginia could go the opposite way with the northern part of the state chock full of government employees who fear for their jobs and that trumps all.

But what about Pennsylvania? Ohio? Wisconsin? Or incredibly, Michigan--a state where Obama used our tax dollars to prop up union supporters at the cost of investors simply to gain an electoral advantage and they don't seem to be returning the favor as vehemently as expected.

The polling is still tightening up as the polling firms that were biased towards Obama need to save face or look really ridiculous at the end. I'm guessing that within the next two weeks, every state i listed above is a tie.

And what of an October surprise? I'm guessing the Obamatons have nothing up their sleeve or they wouldn't be glomming onto inane phrases about "binders". At the same time, Obama still hasn't answered the raging questions on Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans. Let's see; binders of women versus a dead ambassador that was covered up, I'm banking on the American people to see through the rhetoric and make an adult decision on who should lead us going forward.

However, the wild card is the utter stupidity of some voters that could turn the tide for Obama. To give you just one glaring example, I give you this:

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