Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Happy weekend, y'all.

-The RNC is chock full of money going into the stretch. Let's hope they spend it wisely. Meanwhile, Democrats are borrowing to cover the duration. Sounds so damn fitting.

-Bill Roggio's Long War Journal is an indispensable site for those following the War on Terror and other world events.

-They say a conservative is a liberal who gets mugged. Welcome to the conservative big tent Ron Kuby. Funny, isn't it Ron Kuby who used to berate the NYPD on a daily basis?

-Why do the UK media always write more compelling material than their American counterparts? This is a great example and I saw it no where in the US papers. A Marine raised $4,000 to fly a dog home he fell for in Afghanistan.


-Hating Breitbart came out yesterday. Some idiot HuffPo contributor couldn't stand the truth and acted like a typical liberal asshole. 

-The tolerant left

-The ten worst homemade Halloween costumes

-This post brought to you by what may be the most horrifying autographed item ever from a liberal point of view:

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