Friday, October 26, 2012

An Un-American Decision

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Let's be honest, if the Benghazi incident happened when Bush or even Romney was/were in office, it would be non-stop wall-to-wall coverage of the cover-up and people calling for the heads of the Sec State, VP and the president himself. It's bullshit and we all know it.

With that said, I can't get past the revelations coming out daily about how we let these men die. Today it was revealed that we had either AC-130 gunships (unconfirmed but I'm not buying the excuse) or an armed drone in the region and the target was being painted by one of the SEAL's. Someone, really high up made the decision that these guys were expendable. That is not only unforgivable but un-American. 

I hope Romney wins simply to expose this for what it really was; a president known for voting present on every important issue voted present when American lives were on the line and opted to not assist them in any way. 

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