Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shocker! Obama Believes in Redistribution

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I know this will surprise many of you but yes, BHO believes that taking from the so-called rich and giving to the poor is the way the world should be. I mean, he hid it pretty well with his war against the "rich" (meaning those making over $150,000 per year), Obamacare, his drive to make as many people dependent on the government as possible and his run-in with Joe the Plumber. But now we have it all out in the open:

Obama's classics always come behind closed doors such as his "bitter clingers" comment (a comment that was way more offensive). He, like all libs cannot say what they actually believe because people would look at them as if they were nuts. Americans work hard, make profits and rely on their own skill and intellect to get ahead and provide for their families, redistributionism is as un-American as arresting a guy who made a bad movie that pissed off some religious zealots...uh, wait...

 That's why I'm all for Romney saying "hell yes I said that the 47% who don't pay taxes will never vote for me." That will resonate with people who actually get their ass out of bed in the morning, drive to work, pay taxes, support those who don't and get pummeled by high gas and food prices because of Obamanomics. Of the 47%, I'm sure there are a good amount who are embarrassed that they are not paying taxes and want to make enough to do so.

 This race just became the fight of the century with two ideologies battling. One is the side of big government, handouts, enslavement to the state, reduced wages for everyone, insanely high taxes, chronic double digit unemployment and an economy headed over the abyss while the other is one of limited government, reduced taxes, more jobs, higher wages and greater American success. I know what side I'm on and if Romney can articulate it during the debates he'll win this election going away.

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