Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Night News & Notes

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Please read the post below on Ayaan Hirsi Ali--a true heroine.

Here's what else is happening:

-This is classic: Romney said GM should essentially take their medicine and declare bankruptcy to reorganize. The GM honcho's want the easy way out and appeal to Obama for money. He gives it to them but really helps the unions, which are the main cause of the financial problems anyway. Now the honchos want Obama to sell the stock owned by us, the taxpayer so they can get bigger bonuses. Sadly, Obama can't because his bullshit story about saving Detroit is just that and selling the stock will make sleeping American's wake up to the fact that we are billions upon billions in the hole on the deal made by the community organizer in chief. The schadenfreude is tasty on this one my friends.

-Democrats are so hateful of the military they can't even get the basics right. Russian ships, Turkish planes and not a damn lick of respect toward those who protect them.

-The Benghazi death of our ambassador story is quickly unraveling on The One. Romney needs to slam him on this.

-VDH because it's VDH and he is among the best writers of our generation.

-Judge gives finger to Rahm in teachers strike. The greedy against the greedy.

-Example #345,987,527 that liberals abhor the Constitution.

-Good business acumen in Sweden.  The realization that cutting corporate taxes increases growth is lost on our president but not on our northern European friends. When America is behind Sweden on pro-growth policies...

-Eagle Desean Jackson is giving back. Very admirable and not something he did because he needs props from the media. I hadn't even heard this until I Googled his name for another reason. He had a good game so this post is brought to you by Desean Jackson--stud on a 2-0 Birds team:

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