Sunday, September 02, 2012

Obama Tries to Slow Romney Momentum

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Coming off a very successful convention, the Romney campaign seems to be building a little momentum at just the right time. Both Gallup and Rasmussen have him leading and the stated goal of humanizing Mitt seems to have worked with overflow crowds turning up to hear him.

Now is not the time to get cocky, though. The DNC convention starts this week and while they have a aged and all around lame lineup when compared to the GOP, they will be going hard at Romney and Ryan and the media will play it up with even less apprehension then normal.

Nothing is more dangerous than a cornered animal and Romney has essentially boxed Obama into that corner. his people will be scratching and spitting because they will be out of jobs, scorned as the most-inept administration ever if The One loses. Expect the race card to be tossed every minute and expect the lies to continue unabated.

You will hear about Paul Ryan's "exaggerations" and Romney's dog. You will hear about the evil Bain Capital and the jobs supposedly lost. You will hear angry old liberals driveling on about the evil GOP and the god-like man they are there to renominate. What you will not hear is anything about the economy, jobs and/or Afghanistan or Gitmo.

It will be a freak show and the American people will tune out or be turned off by it. This is Obama's chance to energize his base and turn moderates to his side but in the end I believe the hate, race-baiting and vitriol will only succeed in turning people against the administration.

And by the way, you are a racist for even reading bad things about Obama.

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