Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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What's up?

Here's what's going on:

-Juan Williams walks it back. Why does it always seem that recently it's Joe Biden, Obama, Williams and other liberals are the ones who speak what they believe and, when they realize that most Americans don't agree have to "clarify"?

-Well, one more liberal douchebag spoke his mind and lost his job for it. One other thing you can always expect when a liberal says something they believe that to non-liberals sounds disgusting they call it "a joke". No asshole, a joke is something that is funny to people in general, not just some other dickhead who has the exact same thoughts as you. Note that Gwen Ifill--a woman who lives off our tax dollars at NPR--fully supported the views of Mr. Chalian.

-Ann Coulter rips the NY Times. I know, it's common but damn is she good at it.

-The Obama administration's decision to go public with secret info on the bin-Laden raid has come back to haunt him with a group of special operators releasing a 22-minute video. But did Obama lie to make the story more dramatic and by extension make him seem ballsier? It appears so.

-Romney appears to be getting a nice bounce on two fronts from the convention.

-Isaac is knocking the hell out of NOLA. Prayers to all who are suffering. Perhaps Obama can see clear to actually giving Gov. Jindal everything he needs to protect and save those affected.

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Marc Palmarini said...

I wish someday they will come to their senses and abandon NO and build a city thats ABOVE sea level.