Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Only one week until the first football Sunday of the year. My fearless predictions will be coming later.

Anyway, here's what's news this morning.

-Congrats to Matt Drudge. His site has 943-million hits last month. People talk about the ratings on Fox News or NBC but if you want to know where nearly everyone visits at least once per day it's the Drudge Report.

-US debt will top $16-trillion during the Democratic convention. I'm betting they won't have one of those debt clocks set up but I'm sure the GOP faithful will gladly remind them.

-People are fretting that the viewership was way down for the GOP convention and that supposedly signals something. It does, it signals that people don't watch TV like they used to. I watched Mia Love's speech on YouTube and Clint Eastwood's on another website. With TiVo and other live programming recording, we no longer see the normal prime time viewing we once did. Believe me, a lot more people saw the speeches on Facebook and via email links than saw them live on TV.

-Look how many Democrat-led organizations are invested with Bain. Quoth Glenn Reynolds:

Republicans should challenge these lefty groups to divest, or shut up.
Heh. NY Post link here.

-David Axelrod is delusional.

-There is no loyalty in liberals. Ideology always trumps friendship and that's why people don't like or trust many liberals.

-Far-left psychos were drenched at the RNC and couldn't muster anything but token opposition to the GOP. They will have better weather in Charlotte and I hope we see riots in the streets and police knocking heads inset over speeches by Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry. Let's see how liberals like anarchist's.

-Janet Napolitano seems to be running a zoo over at DHS. Can anyone in the Obama administration actually lead?

This post brought to you by Kimberly Guilfoyle's legs:

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