Monday, September 17, 2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Has More Balls Than Max Blumenthal Could Ever Hope To Have

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Of course you knew that because the worst thing Max Blumenthal ever had to worry about was whether he would get his favorite table at some elitist restaurant in DC or Manhattan. But of course, that gives Maxie the right to bring down heavy Twitter scorn on a woman who has a price on her head and has to live in a safe house.

Did I mention her co-director on a movie she was instrumental in making was murdered in the street because he supposedly blasphemed against Islam and they threatened her next?

Today, Newsweek released their latest cover and, as so often happens when people question the only religion liberals like, the leftist intelligentsia got their thongs in a bunch. here's the cover:

Either Newsweek finally figured out that the world actually has people to the right of Bill Clinton living in it or they realized that they were sold for a buck because liberals are cheap bastards and want everything for free (think Sandra Fluke) so they don't pay for magazines...but I digress. 

So Newsweek's cover story for this week was written by one of the foremost authorities on Islam and radical Muslim culture. She lived it and has the scars to prove it. She knows the difficulty we as a nation world face in confronting Islamic terror and the radical Muslim culture and she knows the horror some women face living in the most misogynistic religion on the planet. 

Liberals went apeshit. How dare some woman who experienced the terror write about the world she escaped? She's got an axe to grind they say, she's a right-wing puppet, she appeared on Hannity and is supported by Michelle Malkin so her voice doesn't count they drivel. And especially this week when Islamic terror is front and center even though Obama wants to pretend (for purely political purposes) it's all about a movie, which is funny because they killed the aforementioned Theo van Gogh over a movie written by he and Ali. 

Back to Maxie. When the cover was revealed, the douchebag from Boston was among the first to attack Ali:
Newsweek gives its cover to vile Islamophobic self-promoter Ayaan Hirsi Ali to promote bogus "clash of civilizations"
Why would sweet little Maxie get upset about an article in a second rate magazine? Perhaps because our  hero was once a writer at the same company that now owns Newsweek or maybe it's because Maxie was busted by Jeff Goldberg lying about what was said by a prominent law professor.

Besides, anyone with half a brain knows what vile truly is and mocking a dead guy goes on the top of the list.

Perhaps it's the guilt that Maxie feels since he's evidently a self-hating Jew he must project his feelings upon Ali. Blumenthal hates Israel almost as much as he hates America so perhaps he feels the only place for him is to be in lockstep with others who detest both nations. That's the mainstream liberal position now, anyway.

I'm guessing that Maxie is just upset because he never could summon the testicular fortitude on his bravest day that Ayaan Hirsi Ali shows every day. Maxie never served his country in any fashion with the exception of tearing it down at any given opportunity, which in his liberal world is akin to "patriotism".  If a death threat was stuck into the dead body of a friend of Blumenthal's that said he was next, does anyone really believe the little dick head would ever show his face again? That happened to Ms. Ali and she continued to fight the fight against an enemy that has sworn to liquidate her. She speaks often because she has guts, intelligence and balls the size of Somalia.

If you want to read about the brief pathetic existence of Maxie Blumenthal, go to his very short Wikipedia page. If you want to read about a woman who should be held up as a heroine to women and damn near everyone else, go read about Ayaan Hirsi Ali here.

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