Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney/Ryan 2012

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Mitt has made his pick and I think he chose...wisely. He did it via iPhone app too.

I wrote a couple of months ago why I liked Ryan and haven't changed my mind. Paul Ryan is a smart conservative who knows his positions inside and out and knows policy better than anyone. He also has a beautiful family, has no baggage that I've heard about, speaks with calmness and confidence, has been beat up by the media and interest groups and has the scars to prove it and is an all-around nice guy. Plus he's an outdoorsman and unlike Palin, they won't be able to demonize him for taking down big game.

That said, some of the aspects of this pick that the media will harp on are the following:

  • He's white
  • He's unabashedly conservative
  • He's white
  • He wants to seriously cut spending top-to-bottom including social security
  • He's really white
  • He's religious
  • He's the whitest white man in America
Race will play a huge part in this because Paul Ryan has a plan and that plan is a good one. Obama has no plan, his budget got panned unanimously. Since the media can't hit Ryan for being either dumb or reckless, they will hit him as cold and unfeeling. We will see a multitude of stories where old people will have the shit scared out of them by Ryan's plan as described by the media. Fortunately, Ryan now has a platform whereby he can fight back against the media horde that has mischaracterized his ideas from day one. Hilariously, we see the New Yorker come out of the gate with this story saying that Ryan is not a good pick because he has no private industry experience. Funny because either do Obama nor Biden.

I like the pick and now we get set for a true race pitting fiscal conservatives against pseudo socialists. Keynes, Krugman and Obama vs. Hayek, Milton Friedman and Paul Ryan.

Update: Byron York has it right. This will be an election of ideas and no one has ideas like Paul Ryan for fixing what is wrong. He articulates those ideas in clear terms and doesn't mince words when it comes to discussing the dire fiscal situation we are now in under Obama. The left will try to demonize him at every turn but Ryan has seen it before and always keeps his cool. Two clear sides fighting for the soul of America; pass the popcorn.


Marc Palmarini said...

I think the only better person would have been rubio due to the fact we need to win FL and the Hispanic vote but all and all it was a good pick

watch this video of Ryan smashing obama at a debt meeting. Biden is going to get smoked at the debates.

Scott said...

Biden in the fetal position five minutes in should be awesome, broo

Marc Palmarini said...

I just got my Romney sticker for my car, how much you want to bet some tolerant liberal will mess with it?