Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Paul Ryan for VP

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Now that Romney's essentially sewn up the nomination, it's time to discuss who should be the VP selection.

The list includes:
  • Marco Rubio: A good choice for several reasons: he's good looking, a conservative and he would help with the hispanic vote (he's Cuban). But...his real politics are unknown and this won't help.
  • Chris Christie: The thought of him debating Biden gives me a woody. Biden would be crying on the floor in the fetal position and Christie would be towering over him calling him "pussy!". But...Christie promised to finish out his term in he's a stink in' Mets fan.
  • Col. Allen West (ret): Now this would be a ballsy call by Romney...But, I like West but the dude is in-your-face on every issue. It could be the smartest pick or the dumbest. His sheer chutzpah would either really appeal to people or turn them off. The fact that he's African-America could help some but that particular bloc will still go overwhelmingly for Obama regardless of who is the selection.
  • Jon Kyl: A safe pick...but, he's vanilla. We need a guy who will draw fire away from Romney and Kyl is just blah.
That leaves Ryan. The guy is smart, conservative, clean and can be wonkish and appealing at the same time. He knows how to talk budgets and will destroy Idiot Joe during the debates.

Ryan will be a target because the MSM has a full dossier on him and they consider him a psycho when it comes to cutting entitlement spending and spending overall. He can handle it. He's battle-tested more than Obama ever was and will be a nice compliment to Romney who many conservatives just aren't that comfortable with.

I reserve the right to change my mind (and if I do it would be toward West) but right now Ryan looks like the one.

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