Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Happy Sunday, only a few more weeks and it will be football time and with the way the Phillies are playing it couldn't be too soon:

-The Olympics end today and it was a nice haul for the US. I still miss the 70's and 80's where we were battling the Soviets and the roided out East Germans but China seems to fill that spot now and we beat them sufficiently. Great Britain also had a nice home town edge and finished fourth but third in golds. They also put on a really nice event so kudos to them.

-In 2010, Paul Ryan and Barack Obama had a meeting of the minds on policy. Ryan beat the former law school professor convincingly. Can't wait to see him destroy Biden.

-Obama is fighting one of the dirtiest campaigns in history. It's only going to get worse. With Ryan on the ticket, Romney can win this not by getting deep in the mud but by winning on ideas. Of course, there will be some times where getting mucked up may be required.

-I always thought one of the coolest things about California was having a bonfire on the beach at Shelter Island. As with all good things that once made Cali great, it appears that tradition is being forced out in the name of environmentalism and other "causes".

-I'm not sure how many of these are legit but anti-Obama road signs seem to be flourishing.

-McKayla Maroney is not impressed by anything.

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