Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Obama Ad Linking Romney To Death of Woman So False Even WaPo and CNN Can't Lie About It

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The liberal media has pretty much marched in lockstep with the Obama campaign since 2008 (and yes, the campaign for this year began on January 20, 2009). But every once in a while they try to justify a talking point by Obama or his surrogates and that last little inkling of non-partisanship still alive in their brains makes it impossible.

The latest ad by an Obama-supporting super PAC is the latest example. A guy named Joe Soptic links Romney to the death of his wife because Bain Capital bought a company and six years later closed a plant owned by the company. The plant closed 6 years after Romney left Bain. Add to that the fact that one of Obama's biggest bundlers was a manager at Bain at the time of the closing and Romney had no control. Soptic's wife died of cancer and he blames the loss of his job and health insurance. Facts released show she still had insurance and today it was revealed that Soptic told the story to Obama campaign insiders such as Stephanie Cutter. Cutter and former Obama spokes-idiot Robert Gibbs have denied they've seen the ad and had no comment as did current spokes-idiot Jay Carney. They are caught lying through their teeth.

CNN obliterates the ad and the timeline but the PAC has said that even though it's been proven to be false on every count, they will still run it. This in spite of the rules stating that campaigns cannot legally coordinate with PAC's and it appears strongly they did in this case.

We've seen gutter politics before and will see them again but we've never seen a campaign that will knowingly run a false ad accusing a candidate of the death of another person.

Back in 2004 we heard fringe groups talking about the evil things Bush would do (or had done) if given another four years but this is the first time we've seen a sitting president actually allow an ad to be broadcast without denunciation by a major supporting group that's patently false and disgusting to boot.

I guess we should have seen Obama's desperation when he failed to denounce Cutter when she called Romney a felon or Senate Leader Harry Reid when he spread a false rumor based on a fictional phone call.

He's not smart enough to steal the election the Democratic way so he's just going to steal it using the Chicago way.

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