Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Everybody Lighten the Hell Up

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So I'm listening to The Five on the way home. I like the show, it's funny and they selected different personalities that mix well for the most part. Plus, Kimbery Guilfoyle, Dana Perrino and Andrea Tantaros are all hot so that's a bonus.

Anyway, today Bob Beckel breaks out his inner idiot and say something akin to Romney went to Israel for a fundraiser with "diamond merchants". Right-wing Twitterati are up in arms and want Beckel's head on a platter.

Listen y'all, lighten up. The premise of the show is humor and light-heartedness. Is what Beckel said offensive? To some it probably is. But we on the right have to roll with the punches and not act so damn offended at everything. Liberals have no sense of humor, we do. Beckel is a blowhard, I get that and the guy says outrageous shit on a regular basis but that's just his shtick. He a rude, old, alcoholic, jock who is the liberal punching bag on the show.

I'm a "South Park Republican", which means I find everything funny. that show has something to offend everyone, every second. That's why it remains the best show on TV. Unlike Family Guy, which has a liberal slant, South Park eviscerates everyone equally. You know how liberals comedians just can't bring themselves to bust on Obama? I find that offensive. Just as I would find it offensive if someone didn't bust on Michael Moore, Dick Cheney or Colin Powell.

Yea, Beckel is a moron and his responses are generally not thought out and inane to boot but let's stop all the talk of firing him and other such nonsense. Sometimes we all sound like pussy liberals who see racism, misogyny and gay-bashing in everything. PC-ism is bullshit in my opinion and we all need to learn to laugh at ourselves, each other and everything else because life is too damn short to freak out over every word muttered that makes you uncomfortable. If you wanna be that way, become a Democrat.

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