Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama's Attacks On Mitt Have Failed

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It wasn't so long ago we heard that Obama was going to raise a billion dollars and use it to destroy whomever his opponent happened to be. These were the days when the media was still happily nestled in their cocoon and just knew that with their help and the greatest of Obama, a second term was a lock.

Fortunately for those of us who have actually been paying attention, Obama started falling back to the pack. Sure, compared to the slimy Gingrich or the kinda strange Santorum Obama seemed like a shoe-in.

But now that the GOP is settled and Obama has an actual challenger, the American people are taking a look and with a mix of "Mitt's not too bad" and "Damn, this economy still sucks" they have decided that Hope and Change (TM) is, in fact, not really for them.

Obama enjoyed a huge money advantage for the start of the campaign and to hear his sycophants in the media tell it; the dude was gonna keep right on a rollin.

Then an interesting thing happened, former big business Obama supporters decided that the guy they once supported was kind of a hypocrite. He took their money to the bank but when push came to shove he didn't have their back. Instead he went on rampages and made them the target and cause of every calamity he created.

So now, we have an interesting intersection of time and place.

Obama hammered Romney as the rich guy who was out of touch and labeled him everything from an "outsourcer" to a "job destroyer". That, thought the Obamaites was a good angle to hit Mitt from. The paid for ad after ad trying to bring him down and the media dutifully attacked him and his wife at every opportunity.

It didn't work:

For all the attention paid to the effectiveness of President Obama's Bain-themed attacks, it's remarkable how Obama has been stuck right around 47 percent for a very long time.  As the Washington Post's Chris Cillizzadocumented, the president's team has handily outspent Romney and his allied super PACs, pouring in $91 million into eight swing states in an early spending barrage intended to make Romney seem an unacceptable challenger.  But for all that effort, the numbers haven't moved much at all: The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll out today shows the race deadlocked at 47 percent. Yesterday's USA Today/Gallup swing state poll showed Obama statistically tied with Romney, the exact same result the survey showed one month ago. 
Obama shot his load. He thought he'd come out swinging in the first round and pull a Sugar Ray Leonard or Mike Tyson and flatten Romney before he could defend himself. Instead, Romney absorbed the blows ala Rocky and stayed the course.  He jabbed and changed the flow slowly but surely.

And here we sit with four or so months to go and Romney is alive and ready to go the distance.

Why are they failing? They are failing because the economy is still in the shitter and unemployment is still over 8%. They failed because Obama is aloof and people don't connect like the media said they did. They've failed because they look at this career politician and don't see hope or change but reckless ambition wrapped in horrid ideology. They see him pandering to celebrities who they have can'y even comprehend having anything in common with.

Let's hope they still feel the same come November.

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