Thursday, July 12, 2012

Look, a Bunny!

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It's getting old but that's the reason for it. Obama has amassed unprecedented debt, led during the greatest period of prolonged unemployment since WWII and enacted Obamacare, a program the country deeply distrusts. In other words, every single things he's done as president is unpopular to the extreme and he can't risk running on any of it.

So now we have the daily barrage of stories--gleefully presented as "scoops" by the media--about what an awful guy Mitt Romney is and he's a shady rich guy at that. Of course, we have the vile Mormon stories (funny that they never could bring themselves to discuss the views of Rev. Wright) to add to the fun and a good deal of unhinged racial undertones (or overtones) as well. The stories don't have to be factual, just lay the seed of doubt and to hell with any hypocrisy.

The whole campaign can be summed up in one sentence: The media and Obama are in cahoots to report one bad story about Romney a day and hide bury news that would be harmful to Obama's reelection. It doesn't have to be true and it doesn't have to be what anyone would consider a big deal, it just has to be out there front and center on a daily basis. If any one so much as mentions any of the failed Obama policies, just scream "look, a bunny!" and change the subject.

With respect to Romney, he's handled it well, letting his surrogates and the conservative media and blogosphere point out the hypocrisy and set the record straight but eventually Obama will have to answer to the people and, as I heard someone say on Cavuto today, "people care more about their own bottom lines than Mitt Romney's".

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