Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday Night News & notes

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Greetings all. Just coming off a long week drinking beers, smoking stogies and chill in in a beach house in good old Ocean City, NJ. Nice but getting back to work sucks. the eternal vacation question is whether or not you deal with emails and issues as they arise or just forget your phone and deal with it all when you get back. I opted for the former.

Anyway, here's what's new in the world:

-Greg Mankiw brings us this devastating graph that shows just how bad the Obama recession has been:

-Romney is kicking the shit out of Obama in the fundraising department and the majority are less than $250. stunning considering Obama is at what seems like several fundraisers daily.

-Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is happy with how the Obama recession keeps chugging along. I don't know which idiot makes me happier to have as a political enemy, DWS or Joe Biden...

-...Or maybe Jay Carney.

-Shocking news as the sealed indictments in the Brian Terry murder case are unsealed by a judge. The in-place rules of engagement only allowed him to shoot bean bags at his heavily armed attackers who were using US-supplied assault weapons. Perhaps it's time for Obama to come clean like most Americans want him to.

-Liberals expect us to feel good about Obamacare when they can't seem to run any damn program without major screw-ups.

-Every state that hired a GOP governor in 2010 has seen a drop in unemployment. -This is cool:

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