Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Are All These Polls Telling Us?

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November is a loooong way out and a zillion things can happen but I'm seeing a resemblance to 2010.

Let's start with the NYT/CBS poll that is an interesting sampling; they called back people they had talked to a month earlier to see what shift, if any, they could discern. A change did indeed occur and it wasn't good for Obama.

Romney picked up 3% of women while Obama lost 5%. So much for the alleged GOP war on women. He also picked up 4% in the moderate category and that's the group that will win it while Obama lost 5%.

Of course, the Obama people discredited the polls "biased", which is amusing considering it's the NY Times who is deep in the mud for Obama and CBS who is still pissed that the right destroyed Rather and the credibility of the network back during Rathergate.

Now today we see that a guy who was forced into a recall because he took on the unions in a deeply union state winning in a poll conducted for the uber-leftwing Daily Kos:

The latest poll by Daily Kos/Public Policy Polling shows Wisconsin governor Scott Walker leading Democratic challenger Tom Barrett 50% to 45% in the state's gubernatorial recall race. Those are theexact same numbers PPP found prior to the Democratic primary and the exact same results Rasmussen found when it polled the race last week immediately after the Democratic primary. 
John McCormack nails it when he writes that the Democrats have all but abandoned this race. Why spend money on a campaign that was supposed to be a shoe in when the leader of your party is in serious straits?

These are just two polls among dozens but they do paint a picture of Romney fending off the Obama attacks, which is always easier for the challenger, especially when the incumbent has the record Obama does. Anything can happen as they say.

I leave you with yet another ad that shows Romney is not getting sucked into the daily sideshows Obama is trying to entangle him in:

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