Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Night News & Notes

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Happy Monday.

Here's what's new:

-It amuses me that Dems cry like babies whenever Obama disses them. The guy is in it for one person and that's himself. As soon as they got word that it appeared that Walker was going to prevail, they bailed out quickly. Besides, he's going to need every damn penny to win this time.

-Remember a few years ago when every single thing George W. Bush did fighting terror was cause for a front page article in the WaPo or NY Times screaming about the invasion of privacy? Just imagine if Bush had decided to use drones to spy on Americans.

-We all know that Clinton and his crony Sandy Berger passed on the opportunity to take out bin-Laden pre-9/11. The media knew it too but decided to protect Bubba because he was the ideal Democrat up to that point. That's why I find it shocking that CBS would now come out with a story saying straight out that Clinton had the opportunity to get him and waffled. I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that a new book entitled Amateur quotes Clinton as saying that Obama is, in fact, an amateur and is not suited to run the country. Alas Slick Willy, the "first black president" loses out to the "first gay president" and they will protect Obama even when it comes to discrediting you. Video below of the scene the MSM and Clinton kept from being released:

-Awesome: Romney leads Obama in a CBS/NYT poll by 3% and more importantly beats Obama in the women demographic by 2%. This is a poll by the New York Times and CBS, two of the most liberal entities in existence. It's got to be even better for Romney than I expected. So much for the 'war on women" bullshit they've been slinging.

-Hall of fame musician Donald "Duck" Dunn died on the road in Tokyo. He played on some classics and was content to be the rhythm guy to the more flamboyant lead singers. RIP Duck. Here's a classic he played on with Eric Clapton from 1985:

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