Monday, May 14, 2012

Newsweek: The Only Good Jew is a Liberal Jew

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The people over at Newsweek must be thinking "how could a Jew be a Republican, all Republicans are Nazi's". This thought occurred sometime after they decided that this would make a good cover for the mag that sold for a whopping $1 and was worth every penny.

So here's the story; Newsweek publishes a list of influential rabbis every year and Rabbi Schmuly Boteach is always in the top 15. All of a sudden things change:

Boteach has always ranked near the top of the Newsweek list. In 2007 and 2008 he was #9 on the list. In 2009 he went to #7 and then peaked at #6 in 2010. He was #11 on the 2011 list, still quite respectable. And then, this year, he suddenly slid all the way down to #30. What happened? 
What happened was that the good rabbi won the GOP nomination for a congressional seat and will run in the fall. That's not sitting real well with the idiots over at the $1 publication.

I've written numerous times that I just can't figure out why Jews have historically been such staunch supporters of the Democrats. In the last 20-years or so, liberals and Democrats have been decidedly anti-Israel and in increasing instances anti-Semitic. The Jews were a bloc of voters that reliably fell into the liberal camp just like African-Americans and union workers.

But over the years, more and more liberals started backing the PLO and their offshoot Fatah. Some even sport the khaffiyeh in support of Hamas--the deadliest enemy of Israel as a whole and non-Israeli Jews in particular.

Media bias takes many forms but this is one of the more subtler but equally disconcerting.

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