Sunday, April 01, 2012

My "Tribute" to Tony Auth

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Tony Auth has been a political cartoonist for the Philly Inquirer for decades. Today they have two pages showing his work and an article praising him. Strangely, they didn't include this particular drawing that made it past the editors and into the paper one Sunday:

Auth is a hard-core liberal and always has been. We've had more than enough material to make fun of him and his work over the years and it will be sad to see him go. Now the Inquirer's lefty bias will not be as evident and who will they get to portray their veiled anti-Semitism like Auth did above?

Auth has used lies, outright lies, distortions and smears over the years too cement his liberal street cred.

It leaves me to wonder where will the Inquirer go to get another lowlife douchebag on the par of Auth? I'm guessing they could always put an ad in the Inquirer jobs section (about two pages long since Obama took office), but then, no reads the inky anymore.

So, as a blogger and one of the few who actually pays attention to the Op/Ed page of the Inquirer, let me be the first to say "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out you liberal dick".


Vanessa said...

Wow such passion. Strange that a conservative like you could emit any emotion when all you can do is care about yourself and your other polo buddies. I bet you voted for McCain just because he was white.

Scott said...

I'm a racist, don't you know that by now, Vanessa? All white people are unless they are liberal Democrats like Bill Clinton and Robert Byrd...Okay, bad examples. How about Al Gore, This isn't easy.

As for Polo, don't you know that "rich" people like me play golf? Just like that rich dude sitting in the oval office. Polo is for liberal elites.