Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reason #345,707 the Inquirer is Failing Miserably

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It's a funny thing about liberals; they seem to think that the reason people don't like their opinions or ideology is simply because they don't know enough about it.If they disagree with a particular policy initiative, just explain it over and over again. If they still don't get it, they are ether too stupid to grasp it or are just loser right-wingers.

With that in mind, let's look at the Currents section of today's Inquirer. Everyone reads the Sunday paper and one would think they would have something in the opinion section for everyone. One would be wrong. Considering that the paper's owners have been in bankruptcy, they should have taken a different approach, one that has been shown to work with papers like the Wall Street Journal that always makes a profit.

Here's what we have today in the major Philly broadsheet:

-Uber-liberal and Obama sycophant Cynthia Tucker blaming Wall St. for everything without once mentioning Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or the Democrats policies that led to the failures.

-A piece on the power of Gaia and her will to do us harm with all the volcanoes and such. At least they didn't pull a CNN and blame earthquakes and volcanoes on global warming.
-Carlos Dews telling us that any policy disagreements we have with Obama are purely because he's black and we're racist. This was front page of the section with a nice drawing of a burning cross on the Whitehouse front lawn in case we were to ignorant to get the gist of his words.

-And finally, our old buddy, the vile Tony Auth. He drew this ridiculous cartoon that is wrong on every single level:

Get it? We're supposed to be bummed that things are looking better for the country and it will hurt us come November. The fact that the bailout loans were paid back with funds that were from the bailout pot seems to have escaped Mr. Auth. It was the equivalent of taking money out of one pocket and putting it into the other and saying you paid something off. Also, the only auto company in the US that is turning a profit is the one that didn't take a government handout.

Home sales did indeed increase by 27%. The truth is that there was only one way to go and that was up because we hit bottom. The percentage increase still leaves us far, far below the 2005 highs. Add to that the fact that the government is pumping money into the system just as they did with the Cash for Clunkers deal so the increase is not steady but is likely people trying to get some "free" money before the program ends. These are people who probably would have waited so expect next months numbers to go down.

As for the stock market, of course the market rebounded and it did so in site of Obama, not because of him. Lately, they got a return on the investment they made in him by getting a bill on the floor that effectively encourages them to take risks with our money because it effectively codifies Too Big to Fail. If they fail, Obama's slush fund will bail them out. AIG, GM and the others should been allowed to topple as the business world needs an ocassional enema. Obama allowed them to live on.

Funny that Auth did this cartoon when he never did one when libs were cheering every death in Iraq, every bad economic report and generally cheering anything bad for the country. Auth could have drawn the same thing with a donkey sitting in a chair and the up arrows labeled SURGE WORKS, HOUSING SALES AT HIGHEST LEVELS EVER, STOCKS HIT RECORD LEVELS & BUSH POLICIES SAVE MILLION OF AID-STRICKEN AFRICANS. But he's a liberal hack so he just invents good news now instead. I guess he couldn't find anything anti-Semitic or racist to draw today.

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