Sunday, April 01, 2012

UK Idiots "Celebrate" Victory

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Nice going, Lexington. You're now in the pantheon of immortal cities that burn everything in sight when you win such as Detroit, Chicago and San Francisco. For the record, hit the link and you'll notice that Philly was not one of the cities that rioted when the Flyers, Sixers and Phillies all won titles.

One thing idiots, you only won the semi-final, not the championship yet:
Thousands of raucous fans swarmed streets near the University of Kentucky campus Saturday night, setting couches ablaze and overturning cars after the Wildcats beat rival Louisville in a Final Four matchup that had riveted the state.

Many streets had been blocked off around Kentucky’s campus to make way for the crowds, but sirens blared and police began shutting down more streets as the blazes broke out...

Twitter feeds reported police in riot gear moved in to disperse crowds as some people on the streets were overturning, vandalizing vehicles, and smashing glass bottles.

Disappointed Louisville fans at a pizzeria near the edge of campus were quiet after the loss, but swiftly moved outside and began chanting “C-A-R-D-S” while waving school banners and flags with about 100 others.
So U of L fans were calm while UK fans acted like complete a-holes. That fits the profile of what I've seen in my numerous recent travels down to the bluegrass state.

One last note: The link for this story is to a Tennessee newspaper, I'm sure your neighbors to the east are having a nice laugh at your expense along with the rest of us.

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