Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case Re-ignites Racial Issues

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The facts:

Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old black man, was walking home from a convenience store in Florida with some food and an iced tea. George Zimmerman, a hispanic man (as described by his own family) who served as a leader in a local neighborhood watch group came in contact with Mr. Martin and during an ensuing scuffle, Zimmerman fatally shot Martin. Zimmerman has not been arrested at this point and was within his rights in the state to carry the weapon.

We'll soon find out where the truth lies after the investigation is completed.

Until then, we'll have to deal with the media barrage and the nightly appearances of every single race-monger in the United States led by Al Sharpton. The issue has even drawn Obama in and promises to be a major issue for the next month as the media reports every single detail of this tragic story.

This is a horrific story and one I'm not sure anyone besides Sharpton and his cronies wanted politicized to the point it currently is. Politicizing any issue of this magnitude only hampers the investigation, makes people draw conclusions before examining all the evidence and sends people involved into cover-their -ass mode.

Yes, there are some disconcerting issues here about procedure and policy but time is needed to investigate and get to the facts. Facts are the only goal and the waters are getting so muddied that a proper examination of the facts may never be accomplished.

In the meantime, as a parent with a son nearly the same age as Trayvon, I say to the media and the race army led by Sharpton; let the investigation continue, justice will prevail. I feel for Trayvon's parents and would feel as they do about the inconsistencies. You have two minority men at the heart of the issue and tensions will elevate unless someone with gravitas takes a step back and says "let's wait, let's allow the investigation to proceed and see where it takes us".

Sadly, for a media whore like Al Sharpton, this will never happen because Sharpton is The Authority on All Things African-American.

Professor Jacobsen is thinking along these same lines.

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