Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Tragic Trayvon Martin Death Will Hurt Obama

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When Barack Obama was elected, we were told we were entering a new, post-racial America and that we would see an America where color didn't matter. America had atoned for her sins we were assured, we had elected a black man to the highest office in the land.

But then a funny thing happened; the black men and women who had created an industry based on racial politics were left out in the cold. There was money to be made in divisiveness and they were not going to let the election of some half-black man destroy what they had connived and schemed so hard to build up. You may recall the Jesse Jackson attack on Obama once he saw that the possibility of a black man getting elected was indeed very real. You see, if Obama became president, Jackson would be relegated to just another former candidate and his shakedown-based Rainbow Coalition would lose business.

And what about Al Sharpton? If race-baiting and race issues became a thing of the past, Sharpton would be out of work. The guy obviously has no other skills then to incite hatred and violence; anyone that has seen his MSNBC show is aware that the guy is a horrible talk show host on a little-watched network. Amazingly, the non-sensical Sharpton makes more sense then anyone else on the network, but I digress.

But they now have redemption. With the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Sharpton and Jackson now have their faces all over the news and are joined in most stories by the New Black Panther Party who haven't been seen since they intimidated voters in Philly in 2008. The death of the young man is not the issue to these men who have made their living on pushing hate and race. His death means that they are relevant again and can get their mugs on camera again. Trayvon Martin is just another body that they can climb upon to get more publicity for themselves because that's all they care about. The death of a black man at the hand of a Hispanic man with a white name isn't perfect, it would have to be a white guy with a name like Sean O'Grady or better yet, a Jew to make it the perfect situation for these media whores but a guy name Zimmerman will suit their purposes.

Anyway, is this what Obama really wants right now? Does he want race being the primary issue after we were told it no longer should be an issue? instead of stupid discussions about birth control and etch a sketch, we're talking about the New Black Panther Party issuing bounties on a man who has not even been arrested. Instead of Rick Santorum clips talking about his anti-gay marriage stance 24-7, we're instead seeing Jackson and Sharpton spread their special kind of hate.

Americans don't want to discuss race anymore. We had our fill in 2008 and--speaking as a white American--we settled the issue when Barack Obama took the oath of office. An African-American was elected president of the (at the time) most powerful nation on the planet. We've realized Dr. King's goal and we have true equality in this nation. A man representing a racial group that makes up 12% of the population is now POTUS. It took whites, Hispanics, Jews, Catholics, Muslims and evangelicals to elect him--in another word, Americans.

We don't need to be preached to anymore and that is exactly what is happening. This could go two ways: Obama could end up having his "Sister Soulja" moment and smack down Jackson and Sharpton--an option that could hurt him within certain blocs of his party--or he goes the other direction and it becomes a Henry Gates redux whereby Obama takes the political expedient side in spite of the facts. Unfortunately for Obama, a "Beer Summit" will not save him this time.

Believe me, the irony of Obama losing an election because the the old race baiters couldn't let an issue subside and let the legal system take its course is not lost on me even a little bit.

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