Monday, February 20, 2012

I Agree With Ron Paul on Something

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It's not often the squirrelly little congressman from Texas and I agree but this is one of them:

“He wants to control people’s social lives. At the same time, he voted for Planned Parenthood. I mean, I don’t see how anybody can get away with that inconsistency pretending he’s a conservative. And his voting record is, I think from my viewpoint, an atrocious voting record, how liberal he’s been and all the things he’s voted for over his many years in the Senate and in the House.”

Paul also noted that running on social issues is not a winning strategy and I agree with that as well. Social issues are a distraction and the media knows this. We have the stronger fiscal argument but instead are bogged down in discussions of religion, birth control, gay marriage and abortion. Those issues make the GOP seem extreme and beholden to religious and social conservative groups when in fact the party is shored up by fiscal cons and social moderates.

Instead of presenting our case on getting the economy on track and the exposing the failure Obamanomics has been we keep getting trapped in the minutiae of religion and contraception. If I were running and was asked a social issues question, I'd make it a point to say "my position on that is clear and I would rather discuss the more pressing issue of the economic collapse we've seen under Obama". Every time they broached a social issue I'd say something akin to that. The media knows that Obama's record can't stand up to scrutiny so they avoid letting the GOP scrutinize it.

With the weak field of Santorum, Romney, Gingrich and Paul, I'm hoping more and more for a brokered convention where Rubio or Christie are pushed to get in for the good of the party.

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