Monday, February 20, 2012

Obamanation: Gasoline Prices at Record Highs

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The Obama administration has no energy policy but then they have no real policy on anything else so no surprise. Yes, they talk of green power and electric cars they subsidize but have no coherent strategy for keeping fuel prices stable. Recent reports predict increases throughout the summer and Saudi Arabia is about to choke back on the taps guaranteeing an even quicker and greater increase.

Obama is complicit in this as he has destroyed American power in the region, has botched the Iran situation from day one and has neutered America's oil exploration and extraction capabilities. Not to mention the XL Pipeline debacle in which he kowtowed to the environmental lobby.

America is sitting on pools of oil that we cannot go after and massive amounts of natural gas that will allow us to flood markets thus reducing the price of oil but we can't export due to regulatory and other restrictions. Imagine if we export natural gas in large quantities and it is used to fuel power plants, thus reducing emissions while limiting the use of petroleum as a fuel. It's win-win and we get to give the Russians the finger at the same time.

It's time we get a rational, pragmatic energy policy but when we have a present who develops a budget that is beyond laughable, I'm really not expecting it.

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