Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Look at Canada

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America's relationship with our northern neighbors has always been an interesting one. Canada has always just been there, not really in our thoughts one way or the other but pretty much universally liked by us. We love Canada but we just pretty much make fun of the people whenever we can:

But something has changed up there why we were preoccupied with trying to survive the last three years under Obama. The normally socialist-minded Canadians have gone all capitalist and free market on us. While we spend and spend while creating no new jobs, they are aggressively cutting costs. When the world was melting down, they kept it steady. While we debate the environmental impact of tracking and our government subsidizes Chevy Volts that no one wants, the Canadians have been developing new technologies to safely extract oil from tar sands. While Obama nixes a huge job-creating pipeline that would ensure us clean, ethical oil for decades, Canada pursues other buyers while still trying to make us see the light. While we beg China for money, PM Stephen Harper is forging strong business ties with China and opening markets to sell his nations products.

Americans don't really know much more about Canada than it's the home of hockey and curling. But while we've been blissfully unaware, the former beta male is becoming a full blown alpha while leaving us in the dust. Harper has sold Canadians on his brand of conservatism and they are a prospering group of provinces because of it.


will d said...

I would like to suggest that the author conduct a little a little more research on the topics he is writing about. The tarsands projects are an envoronmental blight on the planet and the Harper regime is threatening the privacy and security of all Canadian citizens.

J. Brian Waddington said...

Perhaps you should have put your blog through the same testing as our comments... Canada has never been the beta male to the states alpha. We just belong to a different pack.
Harper is a disgrace and if you want strong economic ties to China just cheque who holds most of the states debts.
And you sure want to think about how the Athabascan Tar sands will be shut down and the pipe line will not be built.

Scott said...

Wow, two liberals pop on here and sound exactly like the beta males I wrote about. BTW, J. Brian (pretentious much?) I was writing as an American and what Americans think of y'all up north. Read it again.