Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Alan Colmes Gives A Preview of Media in 2012

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Alan Colmes has always been your typical beta male liberal. He was second fiddle behind Hannity on their show before Fox management realized that Colmes was just dragging the show down. He has a radio show, which can't be found anywhere on the dial and is still on Fox due to some feeling they owe him something or some other garbage reason. The dude is a great example of what happens when a guy gets picked on in school, has no chance at getting laid until he's 21 and has enough money to pay a hooker or get lucky with the ugly chick who's drunk at 2 AM grows older.

That said, the guy is a great bell weather for what we will see as liberal media lines of attack. He's linked in to whatever passes for the Journolist circle jerk club now where lib media folks decide what and what they will not discuss when it come to a particular topic.

However, it seems like Colmes jumped the shark today and went after Rick Santorum from an angle I expected but just not this soon:

Anyone who knows the story knows that Santorum did what he felt was right in a tough situation. His 2-hour old child died and he was devastated. He discussed what he should do with neonatal medical staff and decided to bring the dead child home so that his other children could have some time to bond and remember their sibling. Think about the state you would be in had your child died regardless of how long into the pregnancy.

In the view of most sane folks, you give someone a pass for their actions in that situation and you sure as hell don't use it as political ammo...unless you're a liberal scumbag like Holmes. I expected to see numerous stories about Santorum in the next week and I expected the issue of his dead child to be included but down in the story like the MSM always does when they want to get a particular touchy issue about Republicans out but not look blatant.

But not Holmes. He went right after it within the first minute of discussing Santorum. Rich Lowry rightly embarrassed him and Holmes did apologize but only because he was worried about losing his sweet gig on the number one news channel, not because he felt any remorse. I guess playing second fiddle to Keith Olbermann on a Al Gore's channel that's watched by no one was a horrifying thought.

More here and here.

No wonder Chris Christie bailed on this race. He knew the media would be even more nasty defending Obama since they sure as hell don't have any successful results to point to.

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