Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Tuesday Morning News and Notes

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Happy new year y'all. This promises to be a year in which blogging will be easy since I'll have a plethora of material to pull from. We'll see a presidential race like never before with the race card being pulled repeatedly and for all manner of issues. We'll see the further implosion of the OWS crowd and we'll see changes in voting blocs with people voting even more in their self-interest than ever before.

Can't wait.

Here's some stuff you may have missed over the long holiday week:

-John Hawkins with 50 Most Obnoxious Quotes from 2011. Number 12 is entertaining.

-OWS can't seem to avoid stepping in the shit. Anti-Semitism will rear it's ugly head this year like we haven't seen in decades.

-Doug Ross is passing out some awards.

-Less than 33% of people self identify as being Democrats. That's a new low. As they say: success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. People are distancing themselves from failure in droves and it appears that the middle will be crucial once again.

-Fossil fuel extraction in North Dakota helps housing in Arizona. If Obama actually wanted to create jobs, he would immediately allow for construction of oil pipelines, reduce red tape on fracking and oil sands development and allow for more offshore drilling. Unfortunately he is deeply indebted to the environmental lobby so that ain't happening.

-Leon Panetta was sent from CIA to Defense for one reason only and that's to cut defense spending dramatically. $500-billion would be disastrous but $1-trillion would allow the Chinese to overtake us within a decade.

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