Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

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Today we'll read in the op/ed sections of our local papers what 9/11 meant, what it didn't mean, how it affected us or didn't, whether we should have gone to war in Afghanistan and Iraq or not and even that tired old liberal canard that we deserved it. Somewhere out there is a piece written that will be so ridiculous as to be ridiculed and scorned. I nominate this one or maybe this.

Anyhow, it's just BS in the whole scheme of things. No one cares what some left-wing hack in the Inquirer thinks when one just steps back, blocks out the partisan bickering and thinks about the lives lost that day. People whose only crime was to go to work. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and atheists who were sitting at desks or cleaning firefighting equipment one moment and the next were in a fight for their lives. Black, white and yellow-skinned people who were safe one minute and forced to make the decision between jumping to there deaths on the streets of New York or be engulfed in fire the next.

A non-military target was one of the three selected that day and one that was chosen because the attack would kill the most people possible. One can argue that yes, the Pentagon was indeed a legitimate military target or even the Capitol. But no one in their right mind could ever see a building designed for housing the worlds largest financial firms as a legitimate one...except the formerly fringe psycho lefty who looks at capitalism as the only enemy but that's a post for another day.

No, this is a day where we remember those who died in the worst terrorist attack ever carried out on American soil. There was no explicit warning unless one includes Mogadishu, the African embassies, the USS Cole and Osama bin-Laden plainly saying that he's at war with America but why quibble. Those men and women were killed by ideological and religious zealots. Liberals have used the term "terrorists" to describe tea party folks of late. It shows their utter depravity when one recalls what real terrorism looked, felt and sounded like.

So here we are ten-years later with the threat still real because we chose to not face it head-on. We don't wish to upset those who follow the same religion as the ones who flew three planes into two buildings. We say "not all Muslims are terrorists" yet it appears that most terrorist's are Muslims. I haven't seen too many Episcopalians strapping a bomb vest to dog ans ending it into a group of people for maximum, murderous effect.

But that's beside the point. I remember watching the towers burn and fall from the Verrazano-narrows Bridge and the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn. I remember the thought that they've finally done it, they used our freedoms against us. They've managed to plan and carry out an attack that showed their true barbarity and disregard for human life. Now all of America will understand that we have been in an undeclared war with an enemy that speaks of God but rallies behind the devil. How could anyone watch those poor souls leap from those buildings and not grasp that simple fact?

Alas, we returned to our old ways. liberals blamed America instead of bin-Laden. George Bush had more to do with the treacherous act than Mohammed Atta. Dick Cheney planned for this as much as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed they said. Bush knew was the liberal mantra. The fact that we turned down the easy capture or kill of bin-Laden was easily ignored. The anti-war left fired up those old 1960's engines of protest and hatred of country and didn't put them away until January 2009 when one of their own came to power and invaded another Muslim land.

I'm bitter. I'm bitter that those who died that day are not remembered by half of this country as the murder victims they were. I've heard people allude to "getting over 9/11" but I will not. I am reminded every day I look across the Hudson River and see the towers not where they should be. I see it in every town in northeastern New Jersey who lost moms and dads. I see it in my own town where the pilot of Flight 93 lived and opted to raise his family in a nice quiet suburban setting and had that dream torn away by a zealot with a utility knife screaming "allahu akhbar".

I mourn those who were lost and those who have to live every day without their loved one who was murdered.

but don't worry liberals, this day will pass and what you consider jingoistic garbage will fade so you can go back to your blame America first mentality without being regarded as crass soon enough. For me, I think I'll keep pointing out your idiocy and say a prayer for those who died.

A must read by Mark Steyn here.

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