Monday, September 05, 2011

Things I Meant to Write About But Didn't

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Blogging has definitely taken a back seat to work and family. My company recently bought a firm down south and we're trying to get them up speed with our culture and procedures. A northern company and southern company generally change at different speeds it seems.

Here's some things I meant to bring up but didn't.

The Gun Walker/Fast and Furious scandal:
Federal agents with what appears approval all the way up to Attorney General Eric Holder and members of the Obama administration allowed guns to be bought through straw purchases in the US and then were to be tracked into Mexico and the drug cartels. It was a backdoor operation designed to give Obama an edge in the eternal battle over gun control. That is until one of the guns was used to kill a US ICE agent and several other people. If this was under Bush, the widow would be all over 60 Minutes and the Today show but since it's Obama, the man's family gets slapped in the face and the MSM is mum.

I expect Holder to fall because of this if Rep. Issa and Sen. Grassley keep digging like they've been.

Human Events and PJ Media have both been covering this extensively.

The Continued Beclowning of Paul Krugman:

Former Enron advisor and current NY Times blowhard Paul Krugman--he of the Nobel Prize in Economics--continues to prove what a loon he is by constantly driveling on about the stimulus not being big enough and closing his eyes to the fact that Keynesian theories are a failure in practice. He really showed just how much of a laughingstock he has become when he wrote that an alien invasion would be a good stimulus.

Rick Perry

This looks to be the only hope we have short of Chris Christie or Marco Rubio joining the race. I'm not a big of his social conservatism and his mixing of religion into his platform but the guy is a strong candidate on fiscal issues. Any guy that signs strong tort reform legislation is a guy I can agree with. Add to that his proven record on jobs and his realistic views on energy policy and he could be the winner. Again, this is not a social issues election but a fiscal one. In 2010, we made it all about fiscal issues and the economy and kicked ass. No one cares whether or not Jim and John get married when they have spent a year and a half looking for a job to feed their families. Leave the social issues at home.

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