Saturday, November 19, 2011

#Occupyfail: The OWS Generation

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During the mid to late 80's, when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was idealistic and thought I had all the answers. Whatever ills were ailing society, my generation could fix them. I get that the Occupy (fill in the balnk) people think what they are doing is Important.

I came from parents whose generation lived through WWII and in my pop's case, the Great Depression. They were old school before old school was even a term. They taught me that if you want things, you have to work for them and work hard. So, from the age of 15, I worked.

I wanted a car, I worked. I wanted to go skiing, I worked. There were no handouts in my house because if you didn't earn something, you didn't deserve it.

The generation directly after mine wasn't taught that. All you had to do was show up and you won. Your baseball team went 0-16, you won a trophy. You didn't do a good job on your term paper, that's okay, we'll grade you on a curve and a 60% becomes an 85%. You act up in class, it must be ADD and we'll feed you ritalin. There's no consequences to actions because for some damn reason--and it may have had to be made up by some liberal "researcher"--it was someone of something elses fault and you were not responsible.

Well guess what, that generation and the succeeding one are all grown up (at least physically), hyper educated and living in a park down the street while lambasting the people who had no part in their misery. Watch them rail about the evil corporations and the unfairness of American society. Why, these idiots spent six years in college, got a masters in art appreciation and are way smarter than those evil white men who actually fuel the economy and create jobs.

For those who are sleeping in a tent and railing about the 1% while using your advanced degree in Women's Studies as toilet paper, this is Real Life. While wasting $100,000 of their parents money or racking up huge loans you have no idea how to repay you essentially showed up and got by. Chasing pussy and huffing bongs while attending a class a day that began at 2 PM was just the way it was done because when you got out, you'd automatically make $80,000 a year right off the bat. At least that's what the professors who have spent decades within the confines of academia told you. You earned it God damn it! And you earned it even more if you were part of one of the oppressed groups such as LGBT because society owes you.

Now back in the Real World, people actually have to prove themselves to earn $80K. They bring real value to those who employ them and increase their skill set to become more valuable. I guess that degree in Gender Studies has value to someone, somewhere; most likely teaching a course in Gender Studies at a college where some other moron convinced her parents to pay $40,000 per semester to attend.

But in the real world, that degree means you've earned exactly nothing. It may even double some day. Just because you've gotten a 3.9 GPA and got raves from the instructor on your thesis entitled Misogynistic Inequities in an Oppressive, White and Patriarchal America in the 21st Century doesn't mean you've actually done anything of value to anyone; including yourself.
It must be doubly tough to watch the man you elected to bring Hope and Change(TM) to America remain deeply in bed with the very institutions you claim to abhor.

So how's this going to end for you? Great question. You have two choices: A) you trash the tent, move back into your parent's basement, lose the lip piercing, create a resume (shouldn't be too hard considering you've got zero experience), apply for a job some place and get on with being a productive American. Or B) continue living in the park and shitting behind a bush, make ridiculous signs that include some drivel about you being the 99%, draw the ire of every hard-working citizen within a mile of the park and not accomplish anything but lose more time that could have been used learning a marketable skill.

For the record, everyone is laughing at you (at least everyone who is not exploiting you like the unions have been). It doesn't unleash the inner hippy in us watching you grow dreads and bang on drums. We look at your incoherent rants on You Tube and chuckle at the inanity of what you say. Hell, John at Verum Serum has made exposing your idiocy a full-time job. We don't hate The Bankers or Big Business more because you want your student loan forgiven. We work for and/or with those people and provide a home and nice life to our children because of them.

Please just stop. You're an embarrassment to yourselves and a punchline to the 99% of us who are too busy working to even consider your plight.

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Electnext_Azam said...

You make a lot of good points about how some people just expecting everything to be handed to them! But do you really think that ALL of the Occupy movement's supports are just lazy bitter people with no marketable skills? I'm sure there are a lot of people who would have had careers (lawyers, consultants, ect) had it not been for the economic downturn. Some people with jobs might also support the movement for reasons of fairness (Hedge funds mangers paying a lower tax rate than middle class Americans working everyday).