Monday, September 20, 2010

Obama Knows Not to Alienate a Huge Part of the Electorate

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The NY Times saying that Obama developed a strategy of meshing the Tea Party with the GOP. Now, while that may be abhorrent to the GOP establishment, to most Americans that would be an asset, not a liability.

Obama quickly back-tracked and slammed the Times for the report (even though everyone knows his administration floated the balloon out there and got unwelcome feedback). He knew that he had to choose between pissing off the Times and giving the GOP ammunition. He knows the Times will stay with him like the proverbial abused spouse whose husband swears he'll never hit her again and believes him...until the next time he ties one on and comes home with a little rage from his job.

The strategy would be an epic failure and someone with an iota of brains--a rarity in this administration--thought better of it and decided to hang the Times out to dry.

Be ready for much more of these trial balloons.

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