Monday, September 20, 2010

KKK Kleagle and a Man Who Allowed Woman to Die are Icons, Witchcraft Bad

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This shows just how FUBAR the dems are. Ted Kennedy plunged off a bridge one night while hammered, allowed a young woman to drown while he ran away, slept and called his lawyer and he was a revered figure.

Robert Byrd started a KKK klan that targeted blacks and did it so he could get ahead politically and he was considered the dean of the Senate.

Christine O'Donnell said she dabbled in with craft when she was in high school and she's unfit to be elected to the same august body that those two reprobates squandered our dollars in for decades.

That's today's Democrat party. That's today's media.

No wonder both are in the position the sinking position they're currently in. Same for the country.


Jonathan Choi said...

Though I'll agree that there are some pretty terrible Dems out there, I'm sure that there can be stories brought up about candidates on both sides of the aisle. There are those who say Piper was actually Bristol's child (apparently there's evidence, but it's all what my friend says). But by all means, the comment that this country is headed to hell is spot on. If only we could get a sensible Congress and a sensible President...

Scott said...

Andrew Sullivan is the only idiot that says anything remotely like what you infer.

Sorry, the paternity or maternity of anyone's child is none of my concern and shouldn't be of concern to anybody else.