Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Night News & Notes

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Welcome to the day evening before TGIF. Here's what's happening:

-Democrats were ecstatic that Mike Castle was knocked off by Tea Party candidate and Sarah Palin acolyte Christine O'Donnell. They were going to hold the seat you see because O'Donnell is an idiot just like every other woman candidate who believes in God and is a Republican. But it took no time for Harry Reid to ruin any mojo that Chris Coons had by referring to him as his "pet". Dude?

-The GOP elite has been knocked back on their collective heels by the power of the Tea Party but after a 10-count, they seem to have come to their senses for the most part.

-The Dems are in a schism as well as there's open revolt against Pelosi. Maxine Waters supporters were booted from a San Fran Nan event so they didn't embarrass her highness. Nancy Pelosi must be a racist...and pretty much dumb as a box of rocks.

-A sitting Democrat representative uses her position to shake down a lobbyist and is caught on tape doing so. The media is burying it so deep that it would take a backhoe to find it. How much of a dumbass is she for leaving the message on a voicemail and how fucking stupid are people in DC to have elected her?

-I'd have turned it on and duct taped it shut but that's just me and I'm a heartless bastard.

-Axis of Idiocy but still something to be watched and smashed should circumstances dictate that course of action.

-They do make it too damn easy, don't they? A must see.

-Let's end this with an epic Soulshine from the Allman Brothers Band with Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes trading epic licks. Remember, make your default feeling happy, life is much easier to deal with on an every day basis...even when things are bad:

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