Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama's Seinfeld Moment

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You may recall the epic Seinfeld episode where a woman thought Jerry and George were gay prompting them to utter "we're not gay--not that there's anything wrong with that".

Obama now finds himself in that situation as 20% of Americans believe he's a Muslim. That can only expand as he foolishly waded into the Ground Zero mosque issue when he didn't need to. He hasn't changed perceptions by not attending church either as his earlier worship place was led by Reverend Wright and also hurt him politically.

Now the White House is falling all over themselves to ensure the country that our president is a God-fearing Christian by God. He loves the baby Jesus and everything about him. He is led in his decisions by his relationship with the Lord don't ya know? He makes a Southern Baptist look like a pagan with his devoutness.

Oh Lord, please let me not hear anymore of this:

"President Obama is a committed Christian, and his faith is an important part of his daily life," Deputy White House Communications Director Jen Psaki told CNN. "He prays every day, he seeks a small circle of Christian pastors to give him spiritual advice and counseling, he even receives a daily devotional that he uses each morning. The President's Christian faith is a part of who he is, but not a part of what the public or the media is focused on everyday."

"He's not a Muslim (not that there's anything wrong with that) and is a hard-core Christian. He doesn't even own a Koran and if he did, it was never looked at. There's no secret mosque in the Oval Office and he really isn't a big fan of those Muslims but has to keep up appearances. In short, he's not a Muslim (not that there's anything wrong with that). He makes Jerry Falwell look like a friggin' wiccan."

Jeez dude, get a backbone. Be a man and say that while your father was a Muslim, you chose not to be. Quit the charade that you're a devout Christian, you sound worse than Bill Clinton. I'm a die-hard Conservatarian and will gladly admit that I go to church for weddings and funerals for the most part.

How bad are things on the Ground Zero mosque with Obama? DEMOCRATS are wishing Bush would come to the rescue.

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