Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Night News & Notes

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Posting's been light this summer. It'll probably pick up as we get into September and near the biggest election of my lifetime.

Here's what's news:

-Sarah Palin is something feminist's abhor: she's hot, lives what she says and appeals to people---pretty much everything feminists are not. The equally hot Tammy Bruce spells it all out. She has this nice editorial cartoon. See below for a comparison of GOP hotness and feminist notness.

-Blago gets convicted of one count. Selling a Senate seat isn't a crime in Chicago I guess.

-UAW honchos get booed off the stage by those they are supposed to be supporting. I guess a 50% pay cut is a kick in the balls considering it's caused by suits who are--at least in theory--elected to get you a good deal. I for one am savoring the schadenfreude and irony.

-In every land Muslims have taken by force or by indoctrination, they've planted a mosque on a site that shows their power. Ground Zero is just another. Mayor Bloomberg hasn't exactly been playing it straight.

-The Ninth Circus Court has decided that you can lie about being a military hero and get away with it. As someone who earned some medals, I can say without reservation that anyone who claims they were awarded medals and never even seved should suffer a serious ass-kicking.

-Pat Toomey is up by 9 points on Sestak. As Drew M. notes, perhaps he should call Nobama about that job Clinton never promised him.

-Ace ponders the new reality in procuring life-saving drugs.

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