Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Majority Agree Obama Pretty Much a Huge Friggin' Mistake

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I guess those of us who saw right through the charade during the campaign should feel some vindication but instead we just feel sad that people got suckered by this fraud now sitting in the Oval Office--when he's not playing golf or on vacation that is.

Here's the latest numbers from Gallup, which is comprised of a 3-day rolling average so his comments supporting the Ground Zero mosque and subsequent backpedaling are in this. 51% now believe that hope and change was a load of shit sold to us by a snake oil salesman standing behind a tele-prompter.

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

This isn't the evil, GOP-supporting Scott Rasmussen (who's right more than any other firm) but Gallup.

How bad is it? Dems are running away from him, including the vile Babs Streisand and when you've lost Babs, you've pretty much lost everyone.

It probably doesn't help the cause to piss off every single person in LA at the very fundraiser Yentl declined to attend.

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