Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thursday Evening News & Notes

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The last full day of the vacation and it's been a good and relaxing one. Oh to hit the lottery...

Here's what's new:

-Note to Conservatives: Let it go! So a judge overturned Prop 8 allowing same-sex marriages in California and gave the finger to voters who passed it. So what? We have a crucial election to win in three months and cannot get side-tracked by a Republican-appointed judge ruling the law unconstitutional. In my opinion, it is.

-America fought to get rid of royalty. Unfortunately, it's back.

-Ford Motors didn't take bailout money. Ford was forced to play by different rules than GM and Chrysler who did take bailout money (and lied about paying it back). Obama played hardball with Ford. Ford is turning a nice profit nowadays. Obama takes credit. The Obama admin in a nutshell: if it's good, he did it, if it's bad, blame Bush.

-Colorado officials disabled software that would prevent them from paying illegal aliens unemployment checks. Yes, people who paid $0 into the fund are getting checks from it. I can't wait for the abuses that come with Obamacare.

-Dude gets busted by wife on Facebook. The fact that he dressed up as Prince Charming for his second wedding means I have zero sympathy for him.


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