Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Targeted for Offending Muslims

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Seriously? Anyone who has watched fifteen seconds of South Park knows that Parker and Stone thrive on offending people. No one is safe from Kyle, Cartman, Butters, Stan and once upon a time; Kenny (before that unfortunate evening at TGIFridays).

Here's the gist; Parker and Stone wrote an episode whereby Mohammed has a serious superpower:

What is Muhammad's super power? No one can criticize him.

Something celebrities would die -- or kill -- for.

But they weren't making fun of Muhammad. They were making fun of Muslims like Zach who are the only group of religious zealots who threaten violence every time they are offended.

Which makes this whole thing perfectly ironic.
Here's a snippet (backward for some reason) and the entire episode can be watched here:

Some idiot "artist" puts a picture of Jesus in a jar of piss and no death threats or fatwas are issued. Stone and Parker show Bhudda snorting coke in the episode above and know that Bhuddist's aren't going to run amok and behead people.

The greatest right we as people have is the right to freedom of speech and expression. Stone and Parker have taken that to an extreme but they must be supported or we will end up with laws like those in Canada and Britain that restrict that right under penalty of law.

As an aside; there's a reason people like I are called South Park Republicans; we abhor any restriction on free speech and freedom of thought. While South Park pushes the envelope in every episode, I support their ability to do so. Plus, the show is just frickin hilarious.

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