Sunday, April 18, 2010

Obama's Sham Nuke Summit

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The much-hyped nuclear summit crafted by the Obama administration and hailed as the most significant event since Christ walked on water or Moses descended with the Ten Commandments ended up being exactly what everything in the regime has been--farce wrapped in propaganda wrapped in the shiny veneer of "smart diplomacy.

In other words, it was nothing but a chance to get a few photo ops that will be used to their full effect when it comes to claiming Obama has serious foreign affairs street cred.

Mark Steyn dissects the summit, which amounted to nothing more than a circle jerk that produced nothing of substance and left the most-pressing problem with regard to nukes off the table:

In years to come – assuming, for the purposes of argument, there are any years to come – scholars will look back at President Barack Obama's Nuclear Security Summit and marvel. For once, the cheap comparisons with 1930s appeasement barely suffice: To be sure, in 1933, the great powers were meeting in Geneva and holding utopian arms-control talks even as Hitler was taking office in Berlin. But it's difficult to imagine Neville Chamberlain in 1938 hosting a conference on the dangers of rearmament, and inviting America, France, Brazil, Liberia and Thailand ...but not even mentioning Germany.

Yet that's what Obama just did: He held a nuclear gabfest in 2010, the biggest meeting of world leaders on American soil since the founding of the United Nations 65 years ago – and Iran wasn't on the agenda.
Look at Obama greeting these international leaders, he's so smart and looks great. Look at The One bow to his banker and enabler the Chinese. Look at him stick his finger in the face of the Prime Minister of our long-time rival and show that right-winger what's what (but be careful not to offend those who wish us the worse). It was a ridiculous event that amounted to nothing. No approach to North Korea and it's elfish despot, no words spoken about the mad mullahs and their butt boy Ahmadinejad who seek to de-stabilize a region crucial to US and international commerce. We accomplished exactly nothing of consequence but don't fret, the Obama-protecting media dutifully wrote essay after essay espousing the brilliance of The One (even though Obama used them like $5 whores and then dumped them on the curb when he was done).

Here we sit, mired in a recession deepened by Obamanomics. The electorate is incensed and Obama decided to try to dominate the news cycle with an international fashion show that was long on style but woefully short on substance.

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