Saturday, March 20, 2010

Healthcare D-Day Tomorrow

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I've been entirely to busy with work to post anything but this is at the critical stage. To put it bluntly, America will be fundamentally changed in the next decade if Pelosi, Reid and Obama pull off this coup.

So where do we stand? As of this second, Pelosi has managed to get some wavering initial "no" votes to sell their souls and switch to "yes" effectively ending their careers at the alter of socialized medicine. According to Jim Hoft whose been following this like a hawk, the tally stands at 217 against versus 214 for. That will change as Rep. Stupak is holding a presser this morning and is expected to say that he and Speaker Botox came to an agreement on abortion language. If his bloc of anti-abortion Dems falls it's game over unless the pro-abortion advocates decide they don't like the amendment and vote no out of spite.

So...right now Pelosi's beating, cajoling, screaming and threatening her fellow Dems to push through a massive program that the majority of the country hates and gives tax-payer funded gifts to unions, the healthcare industry they've been berating and other noteworthy Dem supporters while tearing apart one sixth of the American economy.

If this were passed--especially with the "Slaughter Rule" usage--we'll definitely be referring to Rep. Boehner as Speaker come next year.

Cartoon by Steve Kelley of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

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