Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Night News and Notes

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Busy as hell and pissed Villanova got whacked and goes into the tourney on a horrid streak. I'm betting Temple goes further. Fran Dunphy's team is pretty deep.

Here's what's new in the world:

-The healthcare fiasco continues with the American people repeatedly saying they don't want it, the Democrats inventing ways to ram it through and the GOP selectively releasing more and more info that will make the people hate it even more. Every time I thought it was dead it gets resurrected and drags on and on. Monday hopefully is the beginning of the end.

-Shocker! People a questioning the veracity of the Global Warming Swindle. Another coffin nail banged home. Here's the info and this from left-leaning Gallup:

-The GOP votes to ban all earmarks. Let's stick to it now, folks.

-It's hard to assess who Obama's worst cabinet pick was but Eric Holder would be one or one-a.

-Is there any demographic Obama hasn't lost in a little over a year?

-It might be the defining moment of Obama’s presidency … and he opposed it.

-George "Barking" Monbiot is apoplectic that us simpletons just don't get that climate change is important. It's complex science people!

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