Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Evening News & Notes

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Russia and the Czech's going at it in Olympic hockey. The US faces Canada tonight.

Here's what's news:

-Everywhere in the world, Climategate is big news. In the US it's the ignored 900-pound gorilla in the room.

-When the largest conservative gathering boos a a homophobe, we are making some progress. I've always been a firm believer in the fact that you're born gay. To exclude them is no different than excluding those who are Asian, Black or purple. It's hurt us as a party and hurt us as a nation. They don't deserve more rights, just the same rights as we do. Even the gay community is starting to come to the realization that the Dems have been giving them nothing but lip service just as they've done with the African-American community for decades to the extreme detriment of that particular group.

-The Israeli's claim to have a drone fleet of planes capable of reaching Iran. That sound you just heard was Ahmadinejad dropping a deuce in his drawers.

-Noted statutory rapist and US convicted felon wins prestigious award. The arts community has no shame.

-Spain succumbs to al-Qaeda. Why not just give them Barcelona and be done with it.

-Keynesianism gone nuts.

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