Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Crist is Almost as Tone Deaf as Obama

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Charlie Crist has been pounded from the right by Marco Rubio who has entrenched himself as the conservative and his bonafides are rock solid. Crist got caught up in Obamania and was pictured with The One in a hug (right) while supporting his budget-busting legislation.

Crist is getting crushed in the primary battle and one would think he'd at least try to act somewhat conservative. You'd be wrong:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune that illegal immigrants should not count in the census, a position that would cost the state federal money and one that puts him at odds with Gov. Charlie Crist — his primary opponent — as well as the Republican-controlled legislature.

Rubio’s spokesman told the paper that his position was based on “rightful representation in Congress and ensuring that every voter has an equal voice.”

Today, Crist, trailing Rubio in recent polls, called the former state House speaker’s position “absurd.”

“Florida deserves to have her fair share. And I think making sure that we count every single Floridian is vitally important. That’s why I went to the school yesterday in North Miami,” Crist said.
Essentially what Crist is saying is "screw the rest of the country, let's count the illegals so we can get a bigger share of money forcefully taken from people in other states". That would be fraud anywhere else but not in the non-political world.

Crist is sucking up to Florida's immigrants who can vote but also to those who can't vote but will do so illegally. Again, fraud.

Does Crist not realize that it was the illegal alien issue that lost the presidency for John McCain. Bush also lost the support of his base--the only support he had at that point--because of this issue.

Rubio will rout Crist and win the seat sending a real conservative to the Senate and not another RINO. We already have far too many of them.

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