Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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The Super Bowl is only days away and the excitement is...just not happening. I'm not even hearing people BS about it at work.

Anyway, here's what new:

-Last night I wrote that one dude I'd really like to crack in the jaw is Olbermann. I'd like to add John Edwards to the list. Not only is the dude a f-ing pansy who cares more about his hair than any woman, he hit his wife who is struggling with cancer. Elizabeth Edwards has been proven to be a mean person but dude, you can't hit a woman, period. I'd love to beat the pansy-ass former senator from NC all the way from Charlotte to Raleigh/Durham and over to the Outer Banks. I give this remebrance that shows what a solipsistic, arrogant bastard this douchebag is:

-So how's that whole releasing prisoners to save money after you screwed up the budget thing working for you, Governator?

-Special Olympics to Rahm Emanuel: 'screw you, dude' But hey Rahm, "never let a crisis go to waste", you know what I mean?

-It's kind of like saying who is the most irritating player on the Yankee's, but the biggest jerk in Congress is...

-The GOP looks like they will fight hard for every seat up for vote in the Senate this fall. Nice.

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