Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday Night News and Notes

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I like New Orleans in a high scoring game on Sunday. Brees and Manning will both light it up and it should be an enjoyable one.

Here's what's news:

-$2-trillion gone and not a damn thing to show for it. Obamanomics in a nutshell.

-I'm a pretty mellow guy for the most part but have been in a scrap (or eight) during my sports and Navy days. That said, there's one dude who I'd crack right in the face if I ever met him for being an arrogant bastard and spewing inane crap all over the place. ..well that and being a horrid sports commentator. That guy would be Keith Olbermann. We probably won't have Keith to smirk at us for much longer, however. Adios douchebag, maybe O'Reilly or Beck will let you clean their houses to make some coin. Bring over that one dude who still watches you to help.

-Kim-Jung-Il's totalitarian regime is even worse than I dared imagine. I expect that f-ing midget to send troops across the 38th parallel in the next decade.

-Obama's Illinois held elections today. Results should be intriguing.

-What does the Obama administration have against people with mental and physical problems? Dems are so tolerant and caring, aren't they? You may recall Obama described his bowling being equivalent to the "special olympics". Sarah Palin has her say.

-The individual states are telling Obama what they think of his healthcare plans.

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